Angel and Devil

Ladies and gentlemen, rascals and angels, lend me your horns and halos! This Saturday, the streets of New Orleans will transform from the jazz-swayed pavements you know and love into a playground for the virtuous and the villainous alike. It’s Saints and Sinners Saturday, and I, Karen Brem, your harbinger of hospitality at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, am here to divulge the divine details.

From 3 PM until the witching hour strikes on Sunday at 12 AM, New Orleans– the capital of Jazz, the bastion of beats, the shrine of syncopation – will be aflutter with celestial choirs and mischievous melodies alike. Several local restaurants and bars are conspiring to serve up a feast for the soul and a temptation for the taste buds. Think dishes so saintly they could make a cherub blush, and concoctions so sinful they’d have the devil himself reaching for a bib.

Let’s pay homage to the literary legacy of the great Tennessee Williams, whose tales wove through the moral tapestry of humanity like a streetcar through the Crescent City. In his honor, our local watering holes will be mixing Streetcar Spritzes and Blanche’s Bourbon Fantasies, while eateries dish out Stella Shrimp and Stanley Steaks that scream as loud as their namesakes.

Young sexy woman in devil glamour style with trident, fire wings and pentagram.

As dusk falls, the costume parades will begin. Watch as the streets become a catwalk for the divine and the damned, where feathered wings and pitchforks strut side by side. Don your most heavenly whites or dare to don your devilish reds – just make sure your ensemble is as flamboyant as the city we call home.

But what’s a Saturday soirée without a bit of competition? The Saints and Sinners Ball is not just the crown jewel of the evening, it’s the crowning ceremony itself. Who will be the “Saint of the Night,” a beacon of pure, unblemished joy? And who will be the “Sinner of the Night,” a delightful rogue whose mischief is only matched by their charm? The winners are decided by the most scientific of methods: who gets the loudest cheers and who can dance the devil into submission.

Now, let’s talk about the feasts – because even saints like to eat, and sinners, well, they need their strength. The culinary delights will be as varied as the crowd. From the Angelic Avocado Toast (lighter than air, I assure you) to the Devilish Duck Confit (so rich, it’s almost scandalous), your taste buds will be on a seesaw of pleasure all night long.

And when you’ve had your fill of fun and your dance with duality, where might you rest your head? The Historic Mardi Gras Inn, of course. We’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from the revelry. We promise nothing but clean sheets, affordable rates, and a staff that’s as friendly as they are wise to the ways of the city – no matter which side of the halo you’re on.

So, come all ye faithful fun-lovers to Saints and Sinners Saturday in Treme. Join us for a night where every sip and every step tells a story. Be it a saunter or a swagger, a pirouette or a prowl, it’s sure to be an event that’ll have you singing praises or dancing with shadows – sometimes both at once.

Remember, here at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, we don’t just offer a room; we offer an experience. A clean slate (or bed) awaits after a night of delicious debauchery or divine delight.

Get ready to strike a pose, cast a spell, and maybe – just maybe – find out if you’re a saint, a sinner, or a little bit of both. See you on the streets, where the jazz will judge us all!

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