In the heart of the French Quarter

In the heart of the French Quarter, where the streets hum with jazz and the scent of Creole cooking fills the air, the New Orleans Cocktail Week is in full swing. From November 6th to the 12th, 2023, our city becomes a canvas for the art of mixology, a place where cocktail connoisseurs and foodies unite for a week-long fête. I’m Karen Brem, the marketing director at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this vibrant event.

Our quaint inn, nestled just a stone’s throw away from all participating venues, offers you more than just clean and affordable lodging. It’s your gateway to an authentic New Orleans experience, where a warm greeting from our staff is just the beginning of your adventure. During Cocktail Week, our prime location becomes even more of a treasure, putting you within walking distance of every toast, every taste, and every tune.

Imagine stepping out of our doors and wandering into a world where each cocktail is a tribute to the city’s spirited history. From the classic Sazerac, redolent of anise and history, to innovative new concoctions that speak to the soul of New Orleans, each sip is a celebration of our rich culture. And the food! Our local chefs and bartenders are pairing their cocktails with specialties that are as much a feast for the palate as they are for the eyes.

Participating venues are offering signature cocktails at special prices for passholders, and select spots are even serving up discounted food pairings. Picture a smoky bourbon cocktail accompanied by a plate of fresh Gulf oysters, or a sweet rum punch alongside a serving of beignets. These are the flavors of New Orleans, served up with flair and finesse by the best in the business.

But New Orleans Cocktail Week is more than just food and drink; it’s a carousel of local culture. As you meander from bar to bar, you’ll be serenaded by brass bands, their trumpets and trombones providing the soundtrack to your revelry. You might stumble upon a second-line parade, where you can join the dance and let the rhythm move you. And everywhere you go, you’ll find the infectious joy that makes our city unique.

At the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, we pride ourselves on offering a sanctuary where you can rest and recharge before diving back into the festivities. While we may not have all the bells and whistles, we promise a clean, comfortable room and a staff that’s eager to make your stay memorable. We are here to ensure that your time at the Cocktail Week is as enchanting and effervescent as the drinks being celebrated.

So come, let the Historic Mardi Gras Inn be your home base for an unforgettable journey through New Orleans Cocktail Week. Take a short stroll to the heart of the French Quarter and immerse yourself in the jubilant chaos of creativity and community. Raise a glass to the mixologists and chefs who are the lifeblood of our city’s culinary scene. And when the night draws to a close, let the quiet comfort of our inn be the sweet conclusion to your day.

New Orleans Cocktail Week is a toast to the city’s unbreakable spirit, a testament to our love of good food, great drinks, and grand times. And we at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn are thrilled to welcome you to join in the celebration. Here’s to a week of sipping, savoring, and discovering the soul of the Big Easy!

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