Doggy Dress-Up

As the marketing director of the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, nestled in the vibrant heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, I have the delightful privilege of inviting you to one of the most unique and heartwarming events of the Mardi Gras season – the Mardi Paws Parade 2024 in Covington, LA. Scheduled to wag its way through the streets on February 18, 2024, at 2:00 pm, this whimsical parade promises an afternoon of tail-wagging joy and canine couture that’s sure to captivate the young at heart and canine enthusiasts. 

The Krewe of Mardi Paws, a beloved tradition that began its parade journey in Old Mandeville, LA, and graced the Lakefront for almost a quarter-century, found its new parade route in Covington in 2020. This furry festivity is always set for the first Sunday after Fat Tuesday, offering a delightful continuation of Mardi Gras merriment with a twist that’s as refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm Louisiana day.

Imagine the scene: hundreds of dogs, from the majestic to the miniature, strutting down the streets, all decked out in their Mardi Gras best. These pooches take doggy couture to new heights, sporting everything from sequined vests and feathered caps to regal robes and tiny, tinkling bells. And it’s not just the dogs that get into the spirit of things; their owners, too, don colorful Mardi Gras attire, making the parade a dazzling spectacle of coordination and creativity.

But what would a Mardi Gras parade be without its signature throws? The Mardi Paws Parade adds a humorous twist to this tradition with its unique offerings of rubber, glitter, and gold poops. Yes, you read that correctly! These playful tokens are tossed to the crowd, adding an element of cheeky fun to the festivities and ensuring that everyone goes home with a memorable keepsake from this one-of-a-kind parade.

At the heart of it all, the Mardi Paws Parade is a celebration of family fun, community spirit, and, of course, our four-legged friends. It’s a testament to the joy and laughter that pets bring into our lives, and a wonderful opportunity to come together and share in the love and camaraderie that define the Mardi Gras season.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t extend a special invitation to all the pet lovers and their furry companions. The Historic Mardi Gras Inn, your home away from home in the French Quarter, is proud to be a pet-friendly establishment. We understand that pets are part of the family, and we’re delighted to welcome them with open arms. Our commitment to clean, affordable accommodations and a warm, welcoming staff ensures that both you and your four-legged family members will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

So why not make a weekend of it? Come and revel in the myriad events and attractions that the French Quarter has to offer, from the enchanting street performances and historic tours to the delectable culinary delights and vibrant nightlife. Then, cap off your weekend with the unforgettable experience of the Mardi Paws Parade in Covington, a short and scenic drive from the heart of New Orleans.

The Mardi Paws Parade 2024 promises to be an event filled with laughter, joy, and a generous dose of canine charm. It’s an occasion that celebrates the love we share with our pets and the endless capacity for fun and festivity that defines the Mardi Gras season. So gather your family, leash up your pups, and join us for an afternoon of frolic and fun that you won’t soon forget. We can’t wait to see you and your furry friends there!

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