What To Do Between Jazz Fest Weekends


It’s a crime that we have to endure these days of silence in between the two weekends of New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2024. I mean, who does this to us? Do they not realize we need our fix of those 14 stages brimming with music from every conceivable genre? And don’t get me started on the delectable food—if I don’t get another soft-shell crab po’boy soon, I might just lose my mind!

But fear not, my dear friends, there’s a light at the end of this music-less tunnel! If you’re clutching your ears in agony from the silence, crying out for a rhythm to soothe your soul, calm down! We have the perfect antidote: The NOLA Crawfish Festival 2024! Presented by none other than NOLA Crawfish King, it’s the cure to all that ails you in these quiet days.

The Broadside, a hip outdoor music and dining spot at 600 North Broad Street, is transforming into a haven of crawfish, culinary delights, and tunes that’ll make you tap your feet until Thursday. It’s practically a mini Jazz Fest to get you through the rough patch! The festival features a crawfish-eating contest for the true champions among us, a cook-off to sate your foodie cravings, and arts vendors to dazzle your eyes. All of this can be yours for just $60 a day, or a sweet $165 for a three-day pass. But why stop there? VIP passes are available for those wanting the full-on Louisiana experience in style. Oh, and gates open at 3PM-11:59PM. 

But the magic doesn’t stop at crawfish. You can sink your teeth into award-winning BBQ and other Louisiana delicacies, the kind that’ll make you understand why we put up with the heat and humidity down here. For additional information and the full lineup of performers, head over to www.nola.com. It’s worth a visit to see what kind of musical mischief will fill the air at The Broadside.

Now, let’s chat about accommodations. Here at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, we’ve thrown our minimum stay policy out the window, meaning you can grab a single night’s refuge from the chaotic, melodious madness that is Jazz Fest! Who needs to commit to multiple nights when we’re all living for the music day by day anyway? We offer clean, affordable rooms with a warm, welcoming staff, all within walking distance of the festival.

So don’t waste time debating, “Do I really need a break between dancing to jazz, chowing down on etouffee, and basking in the Louisiana sun?” The answer is yes! Come on down to the New Orleans Guest House, rest your weary feet, and recharge before you jump back into the music and merriment that the second weekend of Jazz Fest promises to deliver.

Now, back to the silence of these mid-week days. But with the NOLA Crawfish Festival at our fingertips, who needs to wallow in despair? This week might feel like a fever dream of cravings, but the cure is just around the corner: a mix of soulful music, delicious crawfish, and a hotel bed to collapse into afterward. What more could we ask for?

Get yourself a ticket, book a room, and let’s party on, my friends! The city of New Orleans is waiting, and it has plenty to offer to fill the void until Jazz Fest weekend two swings back into action.

Stay saucy, and I hope to see you there!

For additional information on accommodations please visit us at www.historicmardigrasinn.com or call us directly at (504)949-5815.

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