By Karen Brem, Marketing Director, Historic Mardi Gras Inn

Dearest Future Inn-dwellers,

Grab your tattered clothes, pale makeup, and an insatiable craving for brains – the most anticipated event of the season is shambling its way to our beloved French Quarter. Yes, my frightfully delightful readers, the 6th Annual New Orleans Zombie Run is upon us, and it’s happening this Saturday, October 21, 2023. If there’s ever a time to be undead in New Orleans, this is it!

Now, I understand if the idea of hundreds of zombies running might sound counterintuitive. Aren’t zombies supposed to be slow-moving and, well, a bit dim-witted? But in the spirit of all things Halloween, and in the ever-surprising city of New Orleans, we like to keep things lively – even for the undead!

Nestled in the heart of the historic French Quarter, our run’s location could not be more perfect. And it’s not just about the run; our beloved Quarter is a bubbling cauldron of Halloween festivities. Haunted tours? We’ve got ’em! Vampire balls? You betcha! Ghost stories whispered by the riverbank? Plenty! And while we’re talking about ideal locations, let’s not forget our very own sanctuary for weary (and wary!) travelers, the Historic Mardi Gras Inn.

I’ll make no grandiose promises, but here at the Historic Mardi Gras Inn, we pride ourselves on delivering three essential things – cleanliness, affordability, and a courteous staff. Well, I can promise you one thing; you won’t find any real zombies lurking in our corridors, although I can’t vouch for some of our staff after a night of Mardi Gras celebrations. Just kidding! (Or am I?)

Now, for those participating in the Zombie Run – whether you’re a runner, walker, crawler, or just someone who’s there for the infectious ambiance – it’s essential to soak in every ghoulish moment. The sight of zombies hustling down the French Quarter streets with the Mississippi River as a backdrop is, dare I say, breathtakingly eerie.

And for the spectators, be prepared for hilarious encounters. From the overly enthusiastic brain-eater to the “zombie just out for a casual morning jog,” there’s a wealth of undead diversity to entertain.

The question then looms: after the run, where should one rest their decaying limbs? Well, my fellow ghouls, a stone’s throw away from all the action, you’ll find the embrace of the Historic Mardi Gras Inn. A place where tales of the day’s adventures can be shared over a glass of something sinister, all while being ensconced in the timeless charm of our establishment.

Oh, and if you’re worried about blending in or standing out, fear not! We’ve seen it all. From voodoo priestesses to bewitched brides, everyone’s welcome. But do remember to wipe your gory feet at the door; cleanliness is our forte after all!

In all, if you’re thirsting for a weekend dripping with excitement, horror, and a dash of humor, there’s no place like New Orleans during Halloween season. And there’s certainly no spot like the Historic Mardi Gras Inn to lay down your weary (and possibly undead) head.

So, ready those running shoes, perfect that ghastly growl, and mark your calendars! The zombies are coming, and the French Quarter awaits your undead spirit with bated breath and spine-chilling glee.

Until then, keep it spooky and spirited!

Yours un-livingly,

Karen Brem
Marketing Director (and possibly a part-time witch)
Historic Mardi Gras Inn

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